Cole Petrone’s new album Songteller is eleven songs that tell of the celebration of life and the celebration of the diversity which is life. In Petrone’s storytelling, characters don’t just exist, they live, and through his writing you learn that simply existing is not living.

Petrone, who now lives in Vancouver, Canada is from New York City, and he shares the pulse and grace of that international city with the opening track “In New York City.” From there he takes listeners on a Songteller trip through space and place. Strongest tracks are the powerful and award-winning “Angels Above Berlin” and “I Have A Dream,” with part of Dr. King’s famous speech innovatively incorporated into the music. “See You Again,” a song that belongs right next to Bread’s David Gate’s “”Everything I Own,” is another solid track in both sentiment and intensity. The eleven tracks include Petrone prodding listeners to question and improve with “What Can We Learn,” “Only Because,” and “Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve.”

Exquisitively produced, extremely well written, and powerfully sung by Petrone’s professionally pure yet vulnurable voice–you will know what I mean when you hear “See you Again”–Songteller is like New York City itself, unique. A joy to set back with but yet learn from, Songteller is a great listen and an even great experience. Don’t just “exist” into an album, “live” Songteller by Cole Petrone, an explosive new storyteller and musician.

~ Tom Guilding – WBSD Radio


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