What a great night Saturday night was! It’s so cool the way that every time I go to Blue Frog Studios, I’m in for a unique musical experience. Not only is every event it’s own special moment, but due to the high quality acoustics, however the room is set up, the dynamic may be different, but the sound is always the same: Perfect! This night turned out to be magic!

If you haven’t heard of Cole Petrone, stay tuned, as you’re gonna be hearing lots more! On this night, filming a music video, there were 3 cameras, a sound man, lights, stills, a stage manager, and an enthusiastic audience, with some amazing talent accompanying Cole: Jody Tennant (Paul from the Fab Fourever Beatles tribute band), Randy Swallow on guitar, and Ralph Geronimo on percussion, band leader for a 12 piece who will be playing at the Vancouver Jazz festival, with Jenna O’Connor an accomplished violinist on her way to Austin, Texas the next day, in the second set. Strong songs, big hooks, wonderful music, and perfect harmonies made the night musically special, and an enthusiastic audience made it even better.

Setting chairs up behind Cole on stage and rotating the audience got us all involved. And did we ever. From the upbeat: “Go With The Flow” and “Should Have, Would Have, Could Have” and “Eat Your Money”, with 3 takes for the camera, to the second set with “Dust in the Wind” and the sentimental “See You Again” with Jenna on violin written for his late father which literally had the audience in tears, (Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W28CNSryOvI ) he picked us up and never let us down. Ending with La Bamba segueing into Twist and Shout, Cole had the whole room standing and dancing before he was done with us. A truly magical night!

It was interesting to note the older demographic in the room, many of whom went for dinner before or drinks after the event. Kudos once again to Kelly and Juanita for winning the award for the best new business in White Rock! You’re proof that if you build it, they will come! Also, one of the wonderful things about the “Rock” is that once they come, they’ll always come back. Hahaha… Cole is already talking about a return engagement, and when he’s next in town, you don’t want to miss the show!

~Doug LaChance


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